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Debt Management
With a collective experience of bankers and industry professionals, we, at Cloud9CapitalCorp, assist SMEs and growing mid-corporates in appropriate configuration of debt suited to their specific business characteristics, after keeping in view their peculiar industry norms or cycles and manage the cost also so as to ensure that their overall capital employed in the business between equity & debt is viably managed. In this process we cover the following broad aspects –
Balancing of total debt
Understanding of the customers' business and appropriate structuring of long term & short term debts of the unit – basically between term loans & working capital requirements. For eg., if the industry is a capital intensive one, then structure more long term debt for its requirements and support the operating cycle also adequately
Debt Cost Control/Reduction
Study existing debts and wherever there is a workable alternative, reduce the overall debt cost by either replacing the high cost debt with a low cost one cancel unutilised facilities to reduce commitments, or obtain interest rate swap structures etc.,
Debt Restructuring
In case the unit is facing stress or sickness, we can offer advisory services on restructuring / reducing the overall debt by various means which include disposal of non-core assets, re-engineering the debt based on the potential viability of the unit.