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Commercial Financing
Equipment Leasing
Equipment Leasing and Financing
Cloud9CapitalCorp is able to finance just about any type of equipment that is business related. Application approvals are quick and financing is available within days. There are numerous payment structures with little or no down payment.
What We Offer
We offer a variety of equipment financing and leasing options to fit your specific needs.
Sale and Lease Back: In order to grow, many businesses need working capital. In order to avoid using the bank, we offer to purchase your equipment and then lease it back. This way you can have the working capital you need.
Startup Program: With our startup program, you can get financing for the equipment you need when you are just starting your business.
B, C, and D Credits: If your business has suffered financially, we can help you get a second chance by helping you to structure your financial needs.
Municipal and Government Leasing: We provide leasing to any municipal or government entity with guaranteed approval.
Why You Should Lease
Leasing is one of the best ways to get the equipment you need to grow your business. It can give you many cash flow advantages and will help avoid some major issues that expanding companies often face. There are several other benefits to leasing:
Low monthly payments: You will be pleasantly surprised by how low the payments are to lease compared to other financing methods.
Untie your capital: When your revenues are low, you will have the cash on hand for unexpected expenses or other future needs.
Protect bank credit: Your bank credit lines will not be impacted by leasing.
Keep up with the times: When your current equipment becomes obsolete, leasing gives you the power to upgrade.
Fixed payments: Lease payments are fixed and are not affected by the market.
Accounting and tax advantages: You can reduce your taxes because lease payments are generally a pre-tax expense.

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