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Commercial Financing
Private Equity and Joint Venture Capital Financing
For small businesses poised for growth, often the only thing holding them back is not being able to find adequate funding. Whether it is because you are a company that is just starting out and you have very little in the way of assets or collateral to qualify for loans from traditional lenders, or you have limited credit history or credit problems, finding funding can be difficult, which is why many companies today are looking to private equity and joint venture capital to help them take the next step in starting or growing a business.
Connecting You with the Right People
The key to successful private equity financing is connecting the right companies with the right investors. At Cloud9CapitalCorp we have a long history of working with investors from the private arena, which means we can find you the perfect strategic alliance that will benefit your business and the investors.
Before we recommend any private investor, we look for several different things:
  • Management team that is cohesive and strong
  • Potential for significant future growth
  • Value creation
  • The capability to produce cash
  • An exit strategy that is well defined
Our investment mandate includes everything from MBO and leverage buyouts to recapitalizations and divesting portions of your company through sale, bankruptcy, or other methods.
It's important that you work with a firm like Cloud9CapitalCorp so you can keep up with continually evolving market pressures in a fast-paced financial world. Contact us today to find out more about your private equity financing options.