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Commercial Financing
Bridge and Hard Money Loans
Temporary Financing to Fund Projects Now
Cloud9CapitalCorp is skilled in providing hard money loans and commercial bridge loans to our clients in no time at all. We have a numerous amount of partnerships with the best institutional private investment firms around so that we can get you the capital your business needs right away.
Making the Difference
When you need funding for a project quickly, a bridge loan can get you temporary financing until a permanent financing option is available. Often referred to as "hard money," this type of loan is routinely used to repair existing property or purchase real estate. No matter what amount of financing you need for your project, we can speed up the process of moving from contract to finish.
By taking advantage of this great offer, you can get ahead of the competition in the commercial real estate market. A bridge loan from Cloud9CapitalCorp can make all the difference when you are bidding on properties.
Rates and Criteria for Hard Money Loans
  • Lending Area: National and International
  • Collateral: We mostly lend to commercial real estate
  • Interest rates depend on collateral
  • Amortization: Interest only
  • Low origination fee
  • Short closing time
Get Financing Today
Instead of putting off your project until you have the financing to back it, contact us to talk to a financial advisor about getting a bridge loan.