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Commercial Financing
Project Financing
When your company is ready to embark on a large commercial building project, you need to find the right financing to ensure that you get the best possible terms and structure to fit the project. Cloud9CapitalCorp offers a wide array of options and solutions that will help pair your needs with the right financial vehicle, even if it means finding creative options that are outside of traditional commercial loans.
Securing Large Funding Amounts
Many large projects require that you find a lender who can finance a multi-million dollar project. Before you embark on this kind of project, let Cloud9CapitalCorp analyze your plans to maximize success. We understand that every business has unique circumstances and situations, and we can be creative with the experience, assets, and future projections that are specific to funding your project.
We work with a range of capital partners who provide us with almost limitless lending capabilities, so whether you need a small amount like $1 million or you are looking for a significant loan for $100 million or more, we can help.
Some of the most common types of funding we offer include:
  • Debt Financing
  • Equity Financing
  • Mezzanine Financing (a combination of debt and equity)
  • Energy Financing
  • Venture or Private Capital
Cloud9CapitalCorp understand how these vehicles can work together to create the right funding pool for any size project, and can create the perfect combination of financing options to suit your needs. Put our experience to work for you by contacting us to find out more about how we can fund your next large project.