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Commercial Financing
Purchase Order Financing
Are you looking for options to generate extra cash for your business? Many companies that work in manufacturing find it difficult to get the money up front to fund production of goods, especially in cases where you work on purchase order and don't expect payment for several months. In these cases, Cloud9CapitalCorp can help you by funding pre-sold merchandise through purchase order financing.
If you have pre-sold merchandise and the only hurdle to growing your business and increasing sales is getting the cash you need to start production while your payments are still pending, we can help. We specialize in trade finance Letters of Credit, domestic trade, and export or import transactions. Whether your business model includes production, distribution, wholesale, or resale of merchandise, our financing can help, even for small or relatively new businesses that don't have an established cash flow, perfect credit rating, or access to capital.
Advantages of Purchase Order Financing
  • Continually grow your business without growing debt
  • Guarantee products will be delivered to customers on time
  • Increase your sales and expand your market presence
  • Receive and fulfill large orders without cutting into profits
  • Simple, quick, and flexible options for a variety of business models and company needs
When you leverage the purchase orders you have for cash through Cloud9CapitalCorp, you get money right now to start production, and the ability to continue to generate new business, without the need to keep excess cash on hand at all times to pay for production costs. Find out how beneficial it could be for your business by contacting us today